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How to setup your MAG Device
1. Turn off your MAG and Turn it back on again. 2. When you get to the “Loading” image, press your “Set/Setup” button on your remote. This will bring you to the “Inner Portal”. 3. Press your “Set/Setup” button again and then go to “Servers”4. Change the “Portal URL 1” to the new portal by press the “KB” button and typing in:
The portal will be sent to you.
5. Press the “KB” button again and then press OK.  You’ll then be returned to the previous screen.6. Goto “Reload Portal” and press ok when prompted, and when your MAG reboots it should load the portal. 
Please note: you will need to supply us your MAC in our Telegram chat so that we can assign this to your account, prior to portal loading.Doing this without us having your MAC in our system will show ” STB Blocked “

How to setup STB Emulator:
1. Go to Profiles in Settings2. Tap “Test Portal” and rename this to FOCUS
3. Tap Portal settings4. Tap Portal URL 5. Enter the Portal URL WE SENT YOU
6. Click on OK7. Pres Back and Goto STB Configurations and set this to MAG 254 and press on ok. 8. Scroll down and you’ll see the MAC, we need this MAC, so please take note of it. 
9. Press Back 4 times or until you see a blue start up screen, then long press the OK button to open settings up in the right hand corner.  Scroll down to profile and there should be one name FOCUS  press on that and if your MAC is in our system if will load up.  
If not and says “STB Blocked” then it means we have yet to enter your MAC in our system.
Please note the code for adult channels is either:  0000 or 1234 by default.

How to use VLC:
1. Download VLC from: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/2. Find your M3U playlist URL from your welcome email.3. Once VLC is installed, goto file Open Network4. Paste in your M3U playlist5. Channels should now start playing6. Click on the 3 lines at the bottom of VLC to show channel list. 7. Select channel you want. t. All support is done there.